Half My Body Burned In Less Than 20 Seconds. Here's Why I Now Keep One Of These Affordable Quick-Action Fire Blankets In Every Room

Relying on a fire extinguisher alone is not enough. When FIRE gets out of control, there’s no time to THINK. You need to act FAST. You need something at hand’s reach.

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Cobra Lily

By Cobra Lily

Juen 14, 2023

Why This Fire Blanket Is Now Non-Negotiable In Every Room Of My Home (As a Fire Survivor)



They say your birthmark is how you died in your past life.

Well, right after the fire, before my skin graft surgery, they have to decide where they can take skin off your body to use for the grafts. I was so scared.

I remember asking the doctor, "please, can you keep my birthmark that's on my stomach?"

I didn't know the extent of my burns until she said, "honey, I don't see a birthmark, your whole stomach is burned."

So here’s how it went down…

That fateful night, I was a newlywed and my partner and I thought we’d have a relaxing night with a bottle of wine…

We had this online craft tutorial playing on repeat, explaining how to make a cute DIY candle holder.

It’s the little things, right? Sure.

But it was exactly at that moment, I remember thinking “Gosh, what could go wrong?”

—when this HUGE fireball blew me off my feet and onto the ground.

See, the YouTube tutorial instructed us to tie a string soaked in isopropyl alcohol around the wine bottle and light it on fire.

After several failed attempts, my now ex poured more alcohol on the flame - “Let me do it, you just hold the bottle so you can be safe.”

We had no clue... there was so much alcohol vapor in the air that the whole kitchen area was just WAITING TO CATCH ON FIRE.

One spark, and the air was ABLAZE.

When the fireball knocked me down, I thought the bottle exploded and I may end up with some cuts, but nothing too serious.

I didn’t even realize I was burning for the first few seconds…

Then, my partner tackles me and tries to PUT ME OUT WITH HIS BODY (?!) and it was NOT WORKING.

But this could’ve ended up even worse if an adrenaline rush hadn’t pulled me out of shock.

See, what snapped me back was the sheer heat scorching its way toward my face and eyes.

It felt like a hot blade slicing into my neck.

It felt like a hot blade slicing into my neck.

That snaps me right back, and I scream "GET THE WATER" ~ at my ex-husband, who’s STILL in full panic mode.

He gets that water sprayer thing from the sink and points it at me, and that puts the fire out in a matter of seconds.

But 20 seconds have already passed… that I was completely ON FIRE.

More than 50% of my body, burned.

“Just DON’T look at yourself”, I remember him shouting as we dragged ourselves into the car…

Then there’s this flash of his hand on the steering wheel, skin peeling off his fingers, from attempting to put the fire out on me.

Plus — picture this — the hospital is only like 5 minutes away from where we lived…

But he couldn’t remember how to get there.

That’s probably because he could see me.

And I had it way worse.

See what’s wrong with all this?

Looking back, I sure do.

This sure went bad…

But it could’ve gone much worse without my “GET THE WATER” moment.

See what’s wrong with all this?

WARNING: I had to think twice whether I’d share any images from right after the accident, because almost all of them are too graphic and I don’t want to traumatize anyone.

I’m sharing this photo because I believe it is important for you to have a chance to see how real the consequences can get if you’re not prepared. My tragic accident could have been completely avoided

However, if we were prepared, it could’ve gone better.

But we didn’t have a plan.

Nobody even thought about the fire extinguisher. It was in the basement.

We were not prepared for anything like this.

See, when FIRE gets out of control, there’s no time to THINK.

You need to ACT. Because every second matters.

But the real reason I'm sharing my story is not to scare you, but to make you aware.

Fires are more common than you think, and they can happen to anyone, at any time.

And being able to ACT properly

Without wasting time THINKING while fire is having its way with your property, your loved ones, your pets…

That demands making sure that you have a go-to solution at hand’s reach at all times.

That’s why I turned the web upside-down searching for the best fire safety brands.

And finally, I tested their best-selling products.

That’s how I found the Emergency Fire Blanket by Prepared Hero.

See the Emergency Fire Blanket in action:

When I first tested the Emergency Fire Blanket, I remember thinking: Gosh, if we had one of these back then… it would’ve made all the difference.

See, I tried many different fire safety products…

But I haven’t seen anything quicker or more practical than the Emergency Fire Blanket.

I wish we had one of these when the accident happened!

Because even if we had a traditional fire extinguisher, for example, it’s quite possible it would do more harm than good.

Emergency Fire Blanket

This isn't a fire extinguisher that requires you to fumble with pins and aim a nozzle while your home is burning down around you.

It's a simple blanket that you can quickly throw over a fire to smother it.

It's designed to work on all types of home fires, be it cooking oil, electrical, or general household fires.

And the best part is, anyone can use it, even kids.


The Fire Blanket would have helped us smother the fire RIGHT AWAY…

Instead of panicking for 20 SECONDS while I burned alive.

You’re probably thinking, but what about a traditional fire extinguisher?

We had one of those, but it was in the basement.

It was way out of reach and too bulky to drag up to the kitchen on time.

So a traditional fire extinguisher alone is definitely not enough.

I was on fire for 20 seconds and my face was the size of a bowling ball for the first two weeks.

For the first few days, I kept asking “Is my face going to be okay?”. Their silence was telling.

It was only after two weeks that the doctors realized, “Ok, you’re going to have a face”.

If either one of us didn’t go straight into panic mode, maybe the fire wouldn’t have reached my face.

I learned the hard way that ALL it takes to turn an idyllic evening with a loved one into a hellish nightmare…

Is a fraction of a second.

One spark set the air on fire and almost took away my face, eyes, and vocal chords…

(I almost ripped the tube out of my throat when they woke me up and took me off Fentanyl).

Half of my body remains scarred.

Cobra Lily

So let me reveal a secret.

The only reason you won’t ever see me breaking down is because…

I’m actively choosing not to be a victim, but a warrior.

And the way I see this, I’m on a mission now.

A mission to make damn sure that as many people as possible understand how REAL of a danger house fires are.

A mission to WAKE PEOPLE UP to the fact that they need to be PREPARED.

See, upon my partial recovery, months after the accident that took place in 2019…

I’ve become sort of obsessed with fire safety.

So right now, I’m all about raising fire safety awareness.

Not only through sharing my story and talking openly about the details of my accident…

But also by educating myself and everyone I can about actionable steps that you can take to ensure that you are prepared.

I joined multiple burn survivor support groups.

I've met incredible people and we've shared our pains and our triumphs. There are so many others who have injuries or circumstances MUCH WORSE than mine.

Everyone's story is different, but our strength and our compassion for each other is shared.

During the accident, we needed something fast, something at hand’s reach.

Something that would put the fire out RIGHT AWAY…

Instead of panicking for 20 SECONDS while I burned alive.

So definitely not a traditional fire extinguisher alone.

Here’s why it’s better to have the Prepared Hero Fire Blanket for fast action:

  • Using a fire extinguisher feels like wrestling an alligator - it’s heavy and bulky, so you can’t have one in every room.

  • It would take WAY MORE than 20 seconds to drag a fire extinguisher to the kitchen from another room.

  • If you're burning, having a fire extinguisher full blown on you could easily suffocate you.

  • Using a fire extinguisher on a person with open wounds can lead to life-threatening infections.

  • Plus, 95% of Americans either don’t know how to or can’t use a fire extinguisher, especially the elderly and children.

On the other hand, the Prepared Hero Fire Blanket is not only completely non-toxic and safe (and doesn’t leave behind a big mess like traditional extinguishers)...

It’s also compact, lightweight, and intuitive to use. Even children can use it.


That’s why I now keep a Prepared Hero Fire Blanket in every room of the house.

I even got one for the car!

And so did most (if not all) of my friends and acquaintances, after seeing what happened to me.

And that gives me peace of mind.

See, all it takes to potentially save your house, your furry friend, or even the lives of your loved ones…

Is one prepared hero.

That’s why I’m writing this, that’s why you’re reading this…

So that YOU could be the prepared hero your loved ones need.

My advice? Don't make the same mistake I did.

Quit telling yourself this sort of thing only happens to other people right now

And make a real-world move to ensure that you or your loved ones never become one of those “other people”.

Get the Prepared Hero Fire Blanket 4-pack family bundle at 42% OFF. And show your family and friends how to use it.

I'm living proof that's way cheaper than the cost of being unprepared.

Thank you for reading my story!

Stay prepared,

- Cobra Lily


P.S. Last time I checked on June 15, the Prepared Hero Emergency Fire Blanket Family Bundle was on up to 51% discount due to increase in production capacities and a rising demand.

Emergency Fire Blanket




Simple to Use


Doesn't Expire

Emergency Fire Blanket

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